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  1. Googling about Circleboom: Google’s opinions…………………………… page 2
  • Opinions in first Google’s link, AppSumo…………………………… page 6
  • Default standard communications once you have bought…………………………… page 16
  • Analyzing the website once you have signed in and paid…………………………… page 19

1- Googling about Circleboom.

Hello, once you come from Google «circleboom» you already find that the 3 most recent comments are just 1 star. I wish I had seen this before. I probably didn’t check their reputation because I usually trust normal companies. I believed that companies that are extremely unclear with their offers, to the point that they are almost a scam, were no longer present on search engines. However, it appears that they are still present. If you investigate a bit, you’ll quickly notice the signs of their bad business practices. Let’s take a look:

 1st screenshot (above).  

2nd screenshot (below)                                                                  

Firstly, you may want to check the Google badge about the company and investigate the complaints further. It seems suspicious that the most recent complaints are all 1-star but the average rating for the company is almost 5 stars. For a company that deals with social media reputation, such as Circleboom, it shouldn’t be difficult to create spoofed social media reviews. Alternatively, it could be that the service started off excellent and is now getting much worse. Let’s investigate further.

Screenshot 3.

All businesses receive complaints against them but by analyzing if all the complaints are in the same direction, one can figure out if there is a basis to claim about illegal behavior. Complaints in Google’s description of the business are not enough but are a good starting point. You will see that all of the complaints point out a consistent, intentional lack of clarity in sales communications of the company that is causing people to not get what they think they are buying. This is called a scam in other cases.

Of course, both parts need to be listened to: the provider of the product whose clients might think it’s as scam, and the clients themselves. That’s what’s fair and you will do your research. However, the replies publicly sent to those clients by Circleboom in Google opinions -and you can have a quick look by yourself- are almost an “auto-responder”. They don’t even use the array of typical responses from the sales support teams. They are very limited to “sorry, sorry, you knew what you were buying, it’s stated in the lower section of the terms and conditions”.

Let’s investigate further.

Screenshot 4. They say it clearly: non refundable scam.

Screenshot 5. He was charged, didn’t get the service nor the refund.

Screenshot 6. The reviewer says that the interface is not clear for new users. We have skipped the 1 star reviews that dont’ include text.

But we would need at least a 2nd opinion, and a more qualified one, to keep growing our knowledge about Circleboom. We can find 16 qualified opinions right in the first link we saw when google, from the community of Appsumo. But probably the Internet is full of opinions about Circleboom. If we specifically searched “circleboom opinions” or “circleboom problems” we could bias our analysis. Let’s keep it simple.

2- Opinions in first Google’s link, AppSumo.